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班级 姓名 分数
( ) 1.A. one B. two C. second D. three
( ) 2.A. Monday B. November C. December D. February
( ) 3.A. twelfth B. twentieth C. second D. twelve
( ) 4.A. birthday B. Children’s Day
C. National Day D. Tree-planting Day
( ) 5.A. spring B. summer C. fall D. season
( ) 6.A. Monday B. Tuesday C. Army Day D. Sunday
( ) 7.A. sister B. brother C. mother D. friend
( ) 8.A. the first B. the eighth C. the twelfth D. nine
1. November
2. August
3. September
4. Sunday
5. January 6. first ___________________
7. third ___________________ h _________________
( )1. My birthday is __________May.
A. at B. in C. on D. of
( )2. ___________ is the first month of a year.
A. February B. December C. October D. January
( )3. ___________ is Children's Day?
A. When B. What C. Which D. Why
( )4.——What's the date?
A. In July B. April 4
C. March D. 9

( )5.——Is your birthday in June?
A. Yes, it is. B. Yes, it isn't. C. No, it isn't. D. No, it is.
( )6.

I am a kite for my brother.
A. made B. make C. making D. makes
( )7.——When is your birthday?
——It's in ____________.
A. third B. January C. 20
D. 8:30
( )8. —— your brother a TV set?
——Yes, he .
A. Does, have, does B. Does, has, does
C. Do, has, has D. Do, have, do
( )9. —— birthdays are there in January in your family?——Three.
A. How much B. How many C. What D. Which
( )10.——When is our National Day? ——____________________.

A. It's September 10
. B. It's March 12
C. It's December 25
. D. It's October 1
四、连词成句。 (20分)

1. your when is birthday (?)


2. Mike’s in too mother’s birthday is June (.)

3. what date today the is (?)
4. her in birthday May is (.)

5. has birthday a who October in (?)

( ) Today is Children’s Day.
( ) Happy New Year!
( ) It’s Teacher’s Day today.
( ) Marry Christmas!
I’m Chen Jie. My birthday is July 20
. I usually get up early on my birthday. I am
too excited to sleep. My parents and friends give me many presents. I don’t go to school
on my birthday, because I am on summer holidays(假期). Usually I have a birthday party.
We have a big dinner and eat a birthday cake and ice-cream. We sing, dance, watch TV
and play computer games at the party. In the evening, my family goes to the beach(海
滩)because it’s usually very hot. I have a good time on my birthday.
( )1. Chen Jie’s birthday is in____.
A. spring B. summer C. fall
( )2. Chen Jie usually gets up early on____.
A. Monday B. July 20
C. July 12

( )3. Chen Jie usually ____on her birthday.
A. goes to school B. has English class C. has a birthday party
( )4. Chen Jie doesn’t ____at the party.
A. play sports B. watch TV C. play computer games
( )5. Chen Jie goes to the beach with her____.
A. family B. friends C. classmates
My name is Peter. I have a happy family. My father is a doctor. He is tall and strong.
His birthday is in March. My mother is a teacher. She is kind. Her birthday is in
November. I am a student. My birthday is in May. I love my family very much.
读短文,判断正 “T”错 “F”。
( ) 1. There are three people in Peter's family.

( ) 2. Peter is a student.
( ) 3. Peter's mother is a nurse.
( ) 4. Peter's birthday is in May.
( ) 5. His mother's birthday is in March