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Class:________ Name:________ points:
1.衣柜 ________ 2.镜子 ________ 3.床头柜 _______ 4.窗帘 _______ 5.垃圾箱___________
6.卫生间 _________ 7.厨房_________ 8.卧室 ___________ 9.在、、、、下面 ___________
10.在......上面_______ (序数词)_______ 12.在......后面______ 13.在......旁边________
at_________________ 16.在......前面___________ ___________
18.客厅___________ 19.空调 __________ ___________
( ) ( )y
( ) ork ( )4.
( )5. ( ) ay C. this
( )m room n D. Closet ( )
( ) room n ( ) s
( )
( )1. There is_____ air-conditioner in my room. A. a C.不填
( ) _____ a pen, a pencil and three erasers in my pencil-case.
( )3.- _____is the air-conditioner?-It’s over the mirror.
( )4. I have _____ own room. A.I
( ) is my living room. There _____ blue curtains in it.
( ) you tell me more? , I can't . B. No,I can't. C. No,he can't.
( )'s ___ like? A. it B. they C. him
( ) is a window ___the desk.
( ) __ some water in the glass. A. am B. is
( ) ___two end tables. B. there is C. have
( ) can you do ___ home? A. in B. at C. go
( ) ______ many books in my bag. B,is
( ) many days are there in a week(周)?There are_____.
( ) are three green ________ in the classroom.
( )’s your room ________ ? A. like
( ) books are _____ the bookshelf. A. in B. on C. over D. under
( ) are rabbits. We_____ a new flat. B. has C. is D. are
( ) ___ a small closet in my bedroom. A. am B. is C. are D. be
( ) is behind Jim, Jim is _______Tom. A. front B. in front of C. over D. behind
( ) is a picture _____ my room. A. on B. in C. of D. to
____a mirror and a table. ___ two end tables and a bed.
3 .There____ some pencils in the box. 4 . We ____ rabbits.
5 .It ___a kitchen. ___a bed and some books in the room.
books ___ in the shelf. 8. He ___ a boy.
9 . She ___ a teacher. ____students.

1.I have an new air-conditioner. is a book over the desk.
are two end tables on the bed. pens is in the pencil-case.
is blue curtains ,a big closet in my room.
1. is phone there a room the in (.) ________________________
end tables there near bed the are (.) _______________________________
what see on wall you the (?) ____________________________
bin , The ,the ,door, is , behind (.)_____________________________
, are , in , closet , clothes , the(.)__________________________________
1. There are many peaches on the tree.(变单数句)_____________________________
trash bin is behind the door.(划线部分提问) _____________________________
is an air-conditioner over the closet.(变一般疑问句) _____________________________
there an apple on the desk.(作否定回答) _____________________________
is a book on the shelf.(改复数句) _____________________________
can you see on the wall of the classroom.(根据实际回答)_____________________________

Hello, my name is Lin Lin. I’m twelve. This is my bedroom. Let me show you. There is a bed, a
window, a shelf, a desk, a chair, and a computer. The window is in front of the desk. The desk is near the
bed. There is a computer on the desk. My bedroom is small, but it’s nice. I love it. Do you like my
( ) is a closet in Lin Lin’s bedroom. ( ) desk is near the bed.
( ) window is behind the desk. ( ) bedroom is big.
( ) Lin likes her bedroom very much.
My favourite room is my bedroom. It’s small, but it’s very clean and beautiful. There is a small bed
near the window. Near the bed, there is a brown desk. You can see a pink clock, a radio and many books
on it. Near the door, there is a closet. What’s that over the bed? It’s an air-conditioner. I like my bedroom
very much.
1. My room is _______, but it’s clean and beautiful. 2. The _______ is near the bed.
3. On my desk, there is a _______, a ______, and many _______.
4. There is a closet _______ the door. 5. You can see an _______ over the bed.
6. Is there a small bed near the window? _____, ______ ______.
以“My room”为题目,写一篇介绍自己房间的小作文,不少于5句话。